Round Cut Ruby Pendant Necklace in Vermeil

Sale price$150.00

Stunning round cut ruby pendant is approximately .125" inches in diameter on a 18kt gold over sterling silver cabel chain that is about 18" inches. 

Ruby, renowned for its deep red hue, originates from regions such as Myanmar, Thailand, and Mozambique. Ruby is the birthstone for July. Astrologically, ruby resonates with the zodiac signs of Cancer and Leo. For Cancer, ruby enhances emotional strength, promotes courage, and attracts love, aligning with their nurturing and empathetic nature. For Leo, ruby fosters self-confidence, aids in leadership, and supports their dynamic spirit, promoting passion and vitality.

Metaphysically, ruby is cherished for its energizing qualities, stimulating the heart, and promoting life force. It is associated with the Heart and Root chakras, facilitating love, grounding, and personal empowerment. Planetarily, ruby is linked to the Sun, symbolizing vitality, power, and illumination. Elementally, ruby aligns with Fire, reflecting its intense energies and connection to passion, enhancing determination and spiritual transformation.