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Garden Quartz Tower
Garden Quartz Tower Sale price$200.00
Garden Quartz Freeform
Garden Quartz Freeform Sale price$111.00
Tourmaline and CZ Dragonfly Necklace in Sterling Silver
Herkimer Diamond, Clear Quartz, and Emerald Sterling Silver Wand
Amazonite Vogel
Amazonite Vogel Sale price$24.00
Moss Agate Tilted Cube
Moss Agate Tilted Cube Sale price$85.00
Rose Quartz Cube
Rose Quartz Cube Sale price$115.00
Carved Jade Vintage Bangle 14k Gold
Jade Turtle Figurine
Jade Turtle Figurine Sale price$75.00
Jade Cat Figurine
Jade Cat Figurine Sale price$150.00
Happy Buddha Jade Bead Bracelet
Watermelon Tourmaline Necklace in Sterling Silver
Rhodochrosite Beaded Necklace
Rhodochrosite Beaded Dangle Earrings
Rhodochrosite Beaded Bracelet
Australian Fairy Opal Neckace with 18K Gold Trim in Sterling Silver
Sold out
Moldavite & Garnet Dangle Earrings in Sterling Silver
Rhodochrosite & Fluorite Freeform
Rhodonite Heart
Rhodonite Heart Sale price$50.00
Quantum Quattro Heart
Quantum Quattro Heart Sale price$95.00
Strawberry Opal Heart
Strawberry Opal Heart Sale price$105.00
Pink Amethyst Freeform
Pink Amethyst Freeform Sale price$145.00
Pear Cut Muonionalusta Meteorite Necklace in Sterling Silver
Vintage Peridot and Diamond Dangle Earrings in 14K Yellow Gold