Pink Opal Cuff Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Sale price$120.00

This warm toned Pink Opal has been hand-crafted into its unique setting, accompanied by a flower, leaf, and other handmade features of this cuff. The sterling silver cuff band is set to an approx. 6" setting, but is flexible in its nature. 

Pink Opal, primarily sourced in Peru, has been a symbol of love, tranquility and spiritual awakening by ancient civilizations such as the Incan and Aztec culutres. Pink Opal naturally resonates with the heart chakra, its pink hues eminating love and softness. This gemstone works well for individuals in the Libra, Scorpio, and Pisces signs, and encourages emotional healing, inner peace, and self-love. It is an ideal stone for promoting balance and harmony in the wearer's life. 

Color: Pink
Material: Sterling Silver
Size: 6"