Vintage Morganite & Diamond Ring in 14K Rose Gold

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This vintage US size 5 ring hosts a 0.61 CT morganite stone set in rose gold. Additionally, it contains 6 round cut diamonds in S1-S2 clarity, and 2 baguette cut diamonds in VS2 clarity, with 0.11 CTS TW for all combined diamonds. The ring is 1.30 g TW. 

Morganite is found primarily in Brazil, Madagascar, and the United States, while diamonds are sourced worldwide. 

Morganite is thought to connect to the zodiac sign Libra as well as the heart chakra. Metaphysically, morganite is regarded for its connection to unconditional love, healing emotional trauma, and boosting divine feminine energy. Elementally, morganite is associated with the element water. Read more on our blog post about morganite. 

Diamond, the birthstone of April, is thought to connect to the zodiac signs of Aries and Taurus. While diamonds are not typically associated with specific chakras, they are believed to enhance overall energy and clarity, aligning with all chakras. Metaphysically, diamond embodies strength, courage, and passion. Elementally, diamond if associated with the element earth.