London Blue Topaz and White Zircon Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Sale price$995.00

This 8 inch sterling silver bracelet hosts a London blue topaz with white zircon. The 12 London blue topaz gems each measure approx. 6.59 X 3.99 X 2.91 mm, and each weigh 0.68 CT, for a 8.16 CT TW. 

London blue topaz is typically found in Brazil, Nigeria, and Sri Lanka. White zircon is also found in Sri Lanka, as well as Myanmar, Cambodia, and Australia. 

London blue topaz is typically associated with the zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Scorpio, as well as the throat chakra and third eye chakra. Metaphysically, London blue topaz is regarded for its enhancing communication, mental clarity, and emotional balance. Elementally, this crystal finds compatible energy with the element air. 

White zircon is considered an alternate birthstone for December, and is thought to connect with the zodiac signs Aries, Taurus, and Gemini, as well as the crown and third eye chakras. Metaphysically, white zircon is regarded for its connection to spiritual growth, enhancing mental clarity, and providing protection. Elementally, white zircon finds compatibility with air.