Fresh Water Pearl and Strawberry Quartz Cat Bracelet

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      Pearls, renowned for their elegance and purity, hold a special place in metaphysical lore. They are the birthstone for June. Astrologically, they resonate strongly with the zodiac sign Cancer, known for its nurturing and emotional depth. Their association with the sacral chakra enhances creativity, intuition, and emotional balance, aiding in fostering harmonious relationships and inner peace. Metaphysically, pearls are linked to purity, innocence, and spiritual transformation, encouraging personal growth and enlightenment. As an element, they align with water, symbolizing fluidity, adaptability, and healing. The moon, as their planetary counterpart, infuses pearls with lunar energy, enhancing their calming and introspective properties. 

     Due to each bracelet being made with natural crystals some variation may occur. Each bracelet is sold separately.