Round Brillant Cut Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold

Sale price$3,195.00

This 14K white gold US size 7 ring hosts a round brilliant cut diamond. The diamond is color grade L-M and SI1 clarity. The approx. size is .25" wide and long, and .19" tall, with approx. 1.28 CT TW. 

Diamond, celebrated  for its dazzling brilliance and unmatched hardness, originates from regions such as South Africa, Russia, and Australia. Diamond is the birthstone for April. Astrologically, diamond resonates with the zodiac signs of Aries and Taurus. For Aries, diamond enhances their inner strength, promotes clarity, and attracts success, aligning with their courageous and ambitious nature. For Taurus, diamond fosters determination, aids in manifesting goals, and supports their persistent spirit, promoting stability and prosperity.

Metaphysically, diamond is cherished for its purifying qualities, stimulating clarity, and promoting spiritual enlightenment. It is associated with the Crown chakra, facilitating higher consciousness, spiritual awakening, and mental clarity. Planetarily, diamond is linked to Venus, symbolizing love, beauty, and harmony. Elementally, diamond aligns with Air, reflecting its clear energies and connection to intellect, enhancing insight and spiritual ascension.