Rhodochrosite Beaded Necklace

Sale price$250.00

This polished Rhodochrosite beaded necklace is a locally hand beaded 18" necklace with a gold-filled clasp, perfect for everyday wear or to pair with any green-emerald accent pieces. The chain is adjustable up to approx. 2". This necklace pairs with our Rhodochrosite Beaded Earring set and our Rhodochrosite Beaded Bracelet, making for a one of a kind jewlery pairing. 

Our Rhodochrosite beads are hand-selected from Argentina. This piece is one of a kind, and the quality of each bead can be seen through it's color and clarity. Each bead is a natural gemstone and comes with natures imperfections, giving more character and unique qualities to each piece. 

Size: 18”
Color: Pink
Material: Rhodochrosite