Unlocking the Language of Love Gift Guide: Five Crystals to Bring Love and Connection this Valentine’s Day

Green averturine heart shaped stone


The metaphysical properties of crystals and gems have been used for centuries to support good health, prosperity, and strong relationships, among other things. This Valentine’s Day, tap into your intuition and power, and explore the opportunities crystals can provide in the realm of successful relationships and strengthening bonds. 

Rose Quartz: The Heart's Ultimate Expression

Rose Quartz is a stone of pure love - whether it be expressing and showing love for someone else, or yourself, this crystal brings soothing energy and stimulates joy and emotional healing. 

Rose Quartz carries powerful feminine energy that encourages compassion, peace and tenderness which promote feelings of nourishment and comfort. The auric channels are cleansed when wearing this crystal, providing a pathway for stronger connections and bonds to forge their way through the wearer's heart. 

Gifting our Rose Quartz necklace this Valentine’s Day would be a true testament to your love and commitment to the receiver, whether it be a loved one or yourself. 

Rose Quartz Necklace available 

Amethyst: A Crown Jewel for Inner Connection

As the birthstone for the month of February, Amethyst is an obvious contender when selecting a gift for this Valentine’s day. Even more so, is it said that St. Valentine himself wore an amethyst ring with a cupid engraving so that young Roman soldiers looking to marry their partners would recognise him, and request his marriage services under the Christian God, which was forbidden in the Roman Empire. Valentine’s Day became an extremely popular day for marriage proposals because of this lore, and Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days for wedding ceremonies. 

Our signature Pau D’Arco Amethyst ring would make for an enchanting marriage proposal gift this Valentine’s season. Amethyst, when given to a romantic partner, shows you believe in their aspirations and goals, and you will be there to help them achieve their dreams. 

Pau D'Arco Amethyst ring available 

Rhodochrosite: Embracing Emotional Harmony

Rhodochrosite is a rare mineral only found in select places across the world. Known by some as the “Stone of the Compassionate Heart,” its focus is to heal oneself and emotional wellbeing. 

It is seen as a beacon of self-love and self-confidence, and its pink color resonates with the energy of love and the heart, promoting unconditional love and deep emotional healing. 

Giving this mineral to a loved one, or for yourself, promotes unconditional love, forgiveness, and compassion. It makes for a meaningful gift this Valentine’s Day to demonstrate a desire to improve communication and deepen understanding in relationships with oneself or others. 

Matching Rhodochrosite Necklace and Earrings available 

Ruby: Passionate Fire and Devotion

The fiery brilliance of Ruby speaks volumes about passion, energy, and devotion. As a gemstone that ignites the flames of love, Ruby is a bold and timeless choice for celebrating Valentine's Day. 

Adorning your loved one with a Ruby ring or necklace can symbolize the enduring flame of passion and commitment, encapsulating the intensity and vibrancy of your relationship.

 Ruby necklaces available

Emerald: A Token of Renewed Love

Emerald, with its lush green hues, is a symbol of renewal and growth. Often associated with Venus, the goddess of love, Emerald is believed to open the heart to new possibilities and strengthen the bonds of love. 

Offering an Emerald to your special someone on Valentine's Day is an action that speaks of deep connection, growth, and a commitment to everlasting love. It represents free-flowing energy and directly empowers the heart center. 

Our 1920s vintage Emerald and Diamond ring set in platinum would be a grand gesture for a proposal or promise ring this Valentine’s Day. 

Art Deco Emerald and Diamond Ring in Platinum available

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